Connecting Your Adopted Child to Birth Parents

This is a picture showing how connecting adopted child to birth parents is essential

You have lived together for more than 5 years. Both of you feel the chemistry that connects you. No one can imagine living without each other. In this case, the child knows you as the only parent he or she has.  On your part, every time you are in a toy shop the first person that closes your mind is the little angel in the house. What will happen when you connect the child back to their birth parents?

Not An Easy Task

Time has come whereby, the truth must dawn. The child might not have known that the birth parents exist. You might also not have found the right time to tell the child what resulted to your relationship.

Such an event happens when you adopt a child at a tender age for a limited time. When the time is over and you are left with no choice but connect the child to the birth parents, you have no choice but explain the situation. The information sounds bulky to the young soul. The child can’t comprehend why you are the ‘parent’ and yet you are bringing in other parents.

The child is very delicate and such a process should be handled professionally. Let the child take time to join the birth parents’ home though they should be frequent visitors to the adoptive home. Despite the fact that the parents still love the child so much and could not be in a position to bring him or her up, let them exercise their patient too.

Buy the Love Back

The child does not hate you. Remember they said that, ‘blood is thicker than water’. The child feels a certain affinity towards you and it is only that he can not comprehend it.  Take a step by step action and approach the situation in a friendly manner. During children’s fun day, be there for the child and agree with the adoptive parent to take the child out.

During that moment, take you time and try to merge again. You might have kept childhood photos that you took when the child was born. This can win you points that you existed to that child even before he knew you. Take his or her memory back the days when you sang the favorite song and he fell asleep on your laps. Children have fresh memories. If experts say that they are in a position to recognize their mother’s voice after birth only because they heard it while they were in the womb, then why not yours.

Test the Waters

This picture supports connecting adopted child to birth parents

After many days of fun, flashbacks and tokens, try and test if the child can trust you for a day. Take him or her with you home and propose a sleepover. Remember to assure the child that you are their birth parent but you don’t propose to put any permanent boundaries with the previous home. If the child seems comfortable and happy in your company, then you won!