Some People Choose Adoption Over Having Their Own

This is a picture showing kids and Some people choose adoption over having their own kids.

The question of how one will get kids of their own closes the minds of many. It’s good to think about parenting whether one is married or not. In the modern world, adopting a child from their biological or legal parents is a common thing happening every day.

It is the Easy Option

People are going for adoption with various reasons which over-ride having their own. In most cases, the person who wants to be a parent may not want to get into marriage and then produce kids. To others, they may feel charitable to bring up an orphaned kid or to take responsibilities of a less fortunate parent.

The parent may be financially handicapped or physically challenged and cannot be in a position to bring up the kid. Others are willing to adopt more than one kid from various families, while others will adopt from different countries.

Most ladies who are not prepared for the process of bearing a child choose adoption too. Some women are really in love with their body shape and their smooth wrinkle free skin. It’s not a must you get the wrinkles, but most women end up with them due to the stretching of the skin during pregnancy. To others, they cannot stand the look that one assumes in the last trimester. The shape of an over-sized balloon full of air! They are the type of women who will avoid any photo session until the end of pregnancy.

Other women will lose their career simply because they got pregnant. In reality, no one is willing to live a welfare life only because you lost your job after getting pregnant. Who will pay your bills? Again, they don’t have to wait to retire at 55 years so as to get a child. The science of menopause will have knocked at the gallery where kids are stored and locked the door already.

this image shows how people choose adoption over having their own children

Men Who are Allergic to Women

There exist people who do believe that a family can thrive really well without a woman.  The men in this league are super parents and deserve a lot of respect.  When they want to have a family, they better choose to adopt kids and avoid the nagging women.

These types of men may not be so good husbands but will be the best daddies and ‘mommies’ for their kids. They will change the soiled diapers confidently and sing lullabies too. Even though the kid may grow up and realize the absence of a mother, these men are always brave enough to explain the situation.

Medical Reasons

The doctor just confirms to you that you must undergo the caesarean section to deliver. This pronouncement comes after you, unfortunately, suffered a weird sexual disease that affected your birth canal. So, this mode of delivering doesn’t go down well with some women and they opt to adopt a kid. This way, one will still enjoy parenthood after adopting, just like those biological parents.