Normalizing Adoption

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Overview of the term ‘Adoption’

Adoption is an authorized process that involves two or more unrelated people, in other words, people who are not blood-related. The child who is adopted is allowed to access any rights that other children are entitled to like inheritance, education and health rights. Adoption is taking another person’s child as your own.

I first started thinking about adoption when I was working as a concrete contractor. I was using an old business partners license to start my own business until I could get my own. That was when the idea sprung onto me. Why don’t I adopt someone else’s child and raise it as my own. It’s just like what I’m doing now with a concrete business but instead with a human. This is where it led me.

Types of Adoption

There are various ways in which adoption can take place according to the preference of the adopting parent. They include the following.


Agency Adoption:

There are public and private agencies. Public agencies are the ones that are run by the country, most of the children in the public agency are abandoned, mistreated or parentless. Children in the private agencies are brought by their parents for adoption.

Independent Adoption:

Also known as open adoption, this involves direct interactions and processing with the biological parents or parent of the child to be adopted. This type of adoption is quite subtle and adoptive parents are advised to involve a doctor or lawyer.


Identification Adoption: It is the blend of agency and independent adoption. This is whereby the adoptive parent finds the parent who wants to put their child for adoption. Then after that both the groups of parents find an adoption agency to help them with the process.


International Adoption:

This is a complex type of adoption since the adoptive parents deal with two agencies instead of one.

  •    Step child adoption.
  •    Adoption as a same – sex couple.
  •    Relative adoption.
  •    Adult adoption.This is a picture supporting international and normalizing adoption

Normalizing Adoption

Adoption has been made to be something that is “not normal” and this has lowered the esteems of the people involved in the adoption process. Therefore to avoid this, it is necessary that adoption should be viewed as a normal way of parenting. The following are ways in which adoption can be normalized.

One way is to talk about adoption to your adopted child as many times as possible. This helps the child to see them as any other child. It helps to make them comfortable that they are adopted

The second way to make adoption normal is to show equal love to both the adopted child and the biological child. The adoptive parent is advised to be as neutral as possible in their ruling and showing care.

Another way to make adoption normal is by ensuring that the biological child and adopted child have a good relationship and nature them with love and respect to each other. Ensure that the children relate well and one does not disregard the other.

The final way to normalize adoption is telling the child about their birth parents and be ready to answer any question that comes up after telling them that. Sometimes there may be difficulty in acceptance and it may take a while for everything to be back to normal. However, it is advised to tell the child the truth.


In conclusion, adoption is very normal since the adoptive parent is capable of giving the same love as a biological parent.