There Are Young Children Who Need Parents


In most instances, adoption occurs in foster homes, through agencies. However, there are many places where kids can be adopted from. There are many older children who need families, however, many adoptive families prefer adopting babies than older children. When parents opt for adoption, there is always a reason as to why. Some adopt because they are unable to deliver their own children because of bareness or some are unable to carry their pregnancy until delivery time.


Why adoptive parents prefer babies than older kids.

  • They want to undergo the “full” experience of taking care of the child, they want a closer bond.
  • Feeling to help babies than kids.
  • They want to teach them desired characters from a tender age.

You don’t only have to adopt babies, there are young kids who need parents.

  • More babies are adopted compared to young kids, however, there are many kids who also need parents. It is therefore recommended if some adoptive parents can go for the younger kids and adopt them. As much as many believe babies are easier to handle, the adoptive parents can give the young kids a chance of being in a home.


  • In most foster homes, you can only find teenagers and pre-teenagers and babies are rarely there, this is because adoptive parents prefer them. Some of the adoptive parents say the older kids are “too damaged” this means that they are either violent or mentally disturbed because of their past experience. These children can still be adopted and they can slowly change, also the adoptive parents can take the disturbed child for therapy and help the child accept their past.


  • Choosing babies only and leaving the young kids behind can also lower the older kids esteem. They feel like they are not needed by anybody. So, the young kids also need to be adopted as the babies do. There are kids who yearn eagerly to belong to a family and have sisters, parents and have someone to call dad or mom.


  • Some kids who have been left by their parents through death, abuse or even abandonment. These young kids face a lot of painful experience, for example, a child who has left home because of abuse can be very disturbed and also desperate for a family who will treat them well and give them the care and love they need. If these type of kids get parents to take care of them, they can get their lives together and live happily and positively despite their background.


Many kids living in foster homes do not receive the attention required since they are very many children in the care of very few grown-ups.Therefore there is no personal relationship with each kind by the caretaker. They are addressed together, there is no parental bond created. Therefore, these kids yearn to be adopted and get the attention they need.

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